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Collagen Membrane
Membrane, intra oral, resorbable

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Collagen Membrane
- Easy manipulation
- No need for suturing
- Dual-sided usage
- Barrier function lasts 6months


REF Size() Thickness(㎜)
GCM1020 10 x 20 0.3
GCM1520 15 x 20
GCM2030 20 x 30


- Thinner membrane(300µm) with multi layers for easy manipulation and sufficient mechanical strength in    surgery.
- Resorption period of 6months to provide with enough time for stabilizing graft materials and supporting    bone growth.
- Multiple layers structure enables bone regeneration more effectively by sparing enough space for hard    tissue formation and facilitates proliferation of osteoblast.

In vivo Test

 Rabbit Calvaria Model, 6-12weeks(Masson Trichrome)
 Degradation character in collagenase solution
*This product is a medical device. Carefully read all instructions and observe warning,
  precautions noted throughout these instructions prior to use.
*Deliberation No. 2013-I10-04-1399
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